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Spoilt for Choice – Finding the Perfect Facial

Reception Desk - Thursday, March 09, 2017

Facials have been the cornerstone of our clinic since we first opened our doors and have been a passion of Theresa’s since she began her career in skin health over 20 years ago. In that time, trends have come and gone but one thing has remained the same – by using the right combination of skin stimulation and active ingredients, you can achieve truly stunning results. Here, we showcase the facials that really deliver from the most important perspective: that of our clients.


No more frowning; just a soothed, smoother complexion that takes away puffy eyes and leaves you looking and feeling rested

“Amazing BABOR facial with Barbara. So relaxing, great ‘hands-on’ treatment, skin’s glowing and plump! Definitely recommend.”


These treatments remove fine lines, reduce deep lines, increase elasticity and lift the skin from within. Best booked as part of a course, this kick-starts your skin to perform as if it were many years younger, as evidenced by this client’s quote!

“The last of my recommended course of treatments today and my skin is looking the best it has ever looked. Thank you. Will be back for my maintenance!”


Particularly sought after at this time of year, treatments plump and firm skin offering a dewy, more youthful appearance

“Loved the collagen and skin remodelling! Many thanks Nicola, I will definitely come back for more.”


Intensive treatments that boost collagen production and wake up your skin, making it function as it would have done a decade ago.

“Enzyme Skin Revision –most active facial I have ever experienced. Amazing! The results speak for themselves.”


Treatments focus on making pores smaller and taking away fine lines, offering a flawless finish. We specialise in providing gentle skin peels that produce suberb results without resorting to harsh products or methods.

“Lovely skin-refining peel – my skin looks glowing, lines plumped- amazing! Thanks for looking after me.”

Reducing Redness

Redness can be caused by several different factors including dehydration, broken capillaries, and conditions such as acne and rosacea. Our emphasis has always been to understand the root cause and tailor an approach that takes into account diet, products and treatments. One client took the time to share his experience and has kindly agreed to let us publish it here:

“I’d been conscious of my red face for so long that I’d become embarrassed to look at myself in photographs. Once my fiancée and I booked our wedding day I knew I needed to get some help. The Andresa team were brilliant and knowledgeable, yet sensitive and compassionate towards my concerns. I was so pleased after just a fortnight to see how my skin had improved, and just three months on, my skin was looking healthy and normal again. Needless to say, our wedding photographs are a joy for us to look at!”

Home Care

When you’re looking and feeling wonderful after an expert facial, you want the results to last as long as possible. To get the maximum effect, we tailor home care programmes which allow you to use clinical-grade active ingredients in your own home.

“Wow! My skin looks gorgeous, thank you so much for all the great advice. I will now use my products.”

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Andresa Skin Health Clinic provides expert skin health advice and treatments designed to get your skin in the greatest shape possible. To talk to us about how we can help you find the perfect facial, please contact the clinic on 01635 800183 or get in touch here

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