Fibroblast Plasma Lift

We launched our new anti-ageing, superior alternative to cosmetic injections and surgery at the beginning of the month, the Fibroblast Plasma Lift, and of those who saw the treatment in action, over 85% of you have immediately signed up for treatment!

The Fibroblast Plasma Lift tightens and lifts ageing, loose skin and wrinkles, such as the upper and lower eyelids (the only non-surgical option), jawline and neck. “Crows’ feet” and “smokers’ lines” can be reduced more effectively than injections, and it is ideal for a crepey mummy-tummy and bingo-wings.

We’ll be keeping you posted on the progress of our models from the launch, and meanwhile, if you feel you have missed out by not attending it, call us on 01635 800183 to find out more.