In the Media News Again: More Controversy Over Vaginal Mesh Implants

Recent reports over the last 24 hours by ITV News, Sky News and the Daily Mail have brought to light yet again the controversy over the use of vaginal mesh implants to correct pelvic floor weakness and incontinence. The recent safety ban on such implants has now been lifted, much to the outrage of thousands of women who have sustained life-changing injuries from such treatment, leaving them in debilitating, crippling, constant pain from permanent nerve damage, with some unable to walk and many unable to work or have a sexual relationship. In short, their quality of life is now far worse than ever imagined, and the risks were either not discussed or considerably down-played by the consultants and surgeons recommending the surgery.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has finally altered its recommendations to state that surgery should be viewed as a last resort; however, many are angry that it does not go far enough in recognising the devastating impact that this implant surgery has had on many women’s lives.

Preferable non-surgical treatment options recommended by NICE now include pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Labour MP Owen Smith, chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Surgical Mesh said, “While I am pleased that NICE is now advising against mesh as a first-line treatment for incontinence, the new guidelines fail to clearly outline that mesh should only be used once conservative methods have failed and when non-mesh surgery has failed.”

More information on the immediate and long-term implications of mesh implants can be found at the website for Sling the Mesh, a campaign group raising awareness of the life-changing risks associated with this “simple” day case operation. Meanwhile, our advice at Andresa is this: if you are suffering from any degree of urinary incontinence or a weak pelvic floor, please read about our non-invasive, non-surgical pelvic floor rehabilitation program using the Emsella here. We offer free-of-charge, discreet consultations and we have in-depth knowledge of all degrees of incontinence, enabling us to advise whether the Emsella is a suitable treatment for you.

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