Let’s Talk Menopause

Thursday June 6th @ 7pm

And not a moment too soon for some of us, you might say; however, this is an evening not only for those currently in the thick of it! If you are in the perimenopausal years (usually mid-forties), this will be a hugely informative and beneficial evening, too. Younger women in their thirties will also gain from understanding the factors that contribute to hormonal dysregulation, which can take decades to exert their effect, good or bad. It’s never too early or too late to implement changes that will make this time of life easier on you.

Our guest speaker, Elodie Stanley, has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of menopause (above and beyond nutritional factors). Come and hear her explain the roles of our hormones, what affects them and tips them out of balance, and what you can do to help correct imbalances and deficiencies.

Elodie will be on-hand to answer your nutritional questions, and we’ll also discuss and demonstrate the Emsella, the non-invasive physiotherapy chair for pelvic floor rehabilitation and prevention of pelvic floor weakness. Whatever the condition of your pelvic floor before the menopause, it’s an unfortunate fact that, without intervention, it is likely to deteriorate at this time of life for most women. Our recent exposé of the mesh implant scandal and the devastating impact of it on women’s lives has driven me to keep the Emsella in the limelight as an effective non-invasive alternative that has been proven to improve quality of life.

The evening isn’t only about arming you with the knowledge to power your body through this time of life, though. Carol Vorderman, amongst others, recently spoke out on the terrible toll the menopause took on her mental health before she sought help (she admitted that she just couldn’t see the point of anything anymore) and we would love to see this event being used to bring us together as a support network for each other.

Places will be limited according to space, so please call 01635 800183 to reserve your place* for this informal and informative evening which is bound to be an enjoyable event. Champagne and nibbles will be available, of course, and we have a complimentary skincare gift bag worth £30 for each attendee.

I hope to see you on 6th June.

With warm regards,


*£10 booking fee required to reserve your place