Bertie – July 2021

Theresa and her team have been absolutely fantastic from the beginning, I can’t fault the service – I only wish I had heard about Andresa sooner.
At the age of 20 my acne aggressively flared up, the university lifestyle after all isn’t the healthiest. I wanted to avoid using Roaccutane (the doctors only suggestion) due to the severe side effects until a friend introduced me to Andresa Aesthetics. The condition of my skin at that time really affected my confidence and made me unusually recluse. I’m now 21 and very happy to say only a year later of following Theresa’s personalised home skin routine, and with a few treatments along the way my skin is now completely clear with little to no scarring – which continues to quickly fade away (despite ignoring some of the dietary and lifestyle recommendations). Had I continued with over-the-counter supermarket products, I strongly believe I would still have severe acne scarring and awful skin. This has brought back my confidence and given a much-needed boost after endless lockdowns. The staff are all incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions, even whilst treatments were closed due to the pandemic! I can’t thank Theresa and her colleagues enough for their outstanding work.