Orla – July 2021

I’ve struggled with my skin on and off since I was around 16 when I first came to visit Theresa at Andresa. Now 24, I had just come off the pill and my skin took a turn. Combined with using products that weren’t right for me, it had never been so painful and irritated, and I had acne covering most of my face. I am so thankful that I reached out to Andresa at the lowest point when my skin started to affect my confidence – Theresa immediately put me on a new skincare routine and offered support, guidance and a clear treatment plan. Over the next few months, I had a series of Dermaquest peels and Clear Skin laser treatments that worked on transforming my skin from the inside out. Thanks to Theresa’s expertise and investment in my skincare journey, my skin is now looking the best it has in years. As someone who hasn’t had consistently clear skin since being a teenager, I couldn’t be more grateful for Theresa’s ongoing support and could not recommend Andresa enough!