Andresa for Men

Do you want to achieve a more restful and well-groomed appearance? Get the results you want with our range of high-performance treatments and bespoke skincare programmes. Exclusive skin health, expertly delivered.

Skin Treatments

3D Digital Skin Analysis

Allowing us to see the subsurface condition of your skin, this is fundamental to our treatment and product recommendations.


Lift and tighten sagging skin without tell-tale signs post-treatment.

Scar Revision

Improve scars on the face and body caused by acne and trauma.

Acne Treatments (face & body)

Eradicate acne and decongest skin.

Skin Lesions and Blemishes

Quick, easy non-surgical removal of a wide variety of skin blemishes including warts, skin tags and vascular or pigmented imperfections.


Reduction and control.

Pain-Free Hair Removal (face & body)

Remove unwanted facial and body hair and eliminate the need for daily shaving or regular waxing.

Thread Vein Removal

Quick and effective treatment, producing a more even complexion.

Tattoo Removal

Non-surgical laser energy treatment which fragments ink particles, allowing them to be absorbed and then expelled by the body.

Skincare Products

Using special formulas of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, our products offer effective, long-lasting results and protection against the typical skin stressors experienced by men. We are proud to be an approved clinic for Dr BABOR, BABOR Men, DMK, SkinCeuticals and DermaQuest.


Neck, Back and Shoulder De-Stress – A deep-cleansing treatment for congested skin, releasing built-up energy and stress, leaving you feeling calmer and more relaxed.

Deep Tissue Facial – Look and feel rested with a deep-tissue face, shoulder and neck massage using bioactive products tailored to your specific requirements.

Essential Grooming

Waxing – Temporary hair removal from the torso and legs, as well as eyebrows, nose and ears.

Manicure – Soothe rough skin, relieve tension and achieve a subtle groomed appearance.

Pedicure – Smooths and removes dead, rough skin, leaving you with feet in perfect health.