Laser Tattoo Removal

Erase the past with laser tattoo removal

Are you living with an unwanted tattoo somewhere on your body?

ANDRESA’s effective laser tattoo removal treatment can safely and effectively eliminate unwanted, dark and multi-coloured tattoos from many areas of the body.

Here at ANDRESA we use the Alma Harmony XL pro Laser to effectively remove unwanted tattoos. The treatment works by using a targeted laser light to break down ink particles within the skin. The fragments of ink are then absorbed and expelled by the body over a period of weeks.

Depending on the size, colour and location of the tattoo a minimum of four treatments are usually required at eight-week intervals – Note: Further treatments may be required for optimal results.

Successful multi-color tattoo removal requires a high-powered laser that can deliver enough energy within the absorption spectrum of a wide range of colors.

The Alma Harmony XL Pro high power Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064nm laser is ideal for treating darker ink colors (black, blue and green), while the 532nm wavelength is effective for brighter ink colors (red, orange and yellow)

Laser tattoo removal works by using a combination of laser light wavelengths to target different colours of ink and particle sizes.

High-intensity light beams mechanically break down ink particles that make up the tattoo, revealing clear, ink-free skin with minimal risk of scarring or hypopigmentation.

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How it works:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

A high-powered laser is used at two different wavelengths to treat both the light and dark pigments of tattoos. The mechanical effect of the laser works by vibrating and fragmenting the ink particles in the tattoo. As the area heals, the body’s immune system flushes away the shattered ink particles, causing the tattoo to fade, with minimal risk of scarring or removal of the natural pigment content of the skin.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically, a minimum of four treatments are required at two month intervals, but further treatments may be necessary. For example, dense pigment or large tattoos may require ongoing treatment for several years.

Are there any side effects or is there any downtime?

Skin will bleed immediately after treatment, followed by blistering, swelling and bruising. This is normal and to be expected, but as a result of this, the aftercare instructions that are explained in the post-treatment document provided, will need to be strictly followed.

Clients undergoing this treatment need to be aware of the fact that although most tattoos can be faded effectively, there is no guarantee of complete removal. The quality of the ink, and the quantity, density and colour of the pigment will dictate the degree to which the tattoo responds to treatment. Small, black or blue-black amateur tattoos using low-quality ink respond better than the high-quality dense ink of different colours that typify professional tattoos. Similarly cosmetic tattoos, often referred to as semi-permanent makeup, can be difficult to eliminate completely if pink, flesh-coloured pigment is contained within the ink. Traumatic tattoos from gunpowder or shrapnel, for example, are usually superficial and therefore respond well to treatment.

Will the results be seen straight away?

No. The tattoo fades as the body resorbs and eliminates the pigment. Typically, a fading of the tattoo can be expected two to four weeks after each treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment at a glance

Procedure Time: 20-60 mins estimated
Number of Treatments: 4-10 treatments
Back to Work: Immediate – dependent on redness/swelling
Recovery: 24-48 hours
Sensitivity Period: Mild to moderate for up to 24-48 hours
Duration of Results: Permanent
Results: Are visible 6 months after last treatment
Risks of Complications: Bruising, redness, blood spotting, whitening of the tattoo and mild swelling.