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Medik8 is pioneering the Cosmeceutical technology providing products suitable for sensitive skin. Now the most powerful and effective ingredients need not be beyond the reach of people with sensitive skin.

Most skin is sensitive; it is just to what degree that distinguishes it from others. Most good brands include a sensitive option but forget that within the sensitive skin classification, all the regular skin types still exist. This is where Medik8 comes in.

Medik8 is a Cosmeceutical brand for people with sensitive skins underpinned by scientific reason and clinical research. Latest independent research contradicts previous assumptions that aggressive products causing inflammation give the best results (the idea being that aggressive products provoke a healing response). In fact, the current opinion is this inflammation merely damages the cell causing long-term skin damage and perversely causing premature skin ageing. Figures vary, but it is thought that 50% of women and 40% of men suffer with some degree of sensitive skin.

Medik8 also have the first green Cosmeceutical range.

Elliot Isaacs is the Founder and Medical Director of Medik8 Skin Research and graduate of The University of Leeds - Pharmacology and Physiology Department. With nearly 10 years experience in Cosmeceutical formulation, he was recently honoured with the prestigious Grade A Membership of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

From humble beginnings, Elliot had seen firsthand the rush for Retin-A® in his father's chemist shop when he was a small boy. This planted the seed early-on for developing a scientific skincare brand. In the late 1990’s his sister began to develop a skin redness that would not go away. One skin cream she used appeared to contain the right anti-inflammatory actives but paradoxically seemed to be causing more irritation than it calmed.

He decided to investigate this problem and see if he could make a better product with the eventual success in calming his sister’s redness. He then made the decision to get more involved in skincare and to manufacture this cream formula.  Medik8 launched Red Alert® in 2004. Now Medik8 has a full anti-ageing range taking the philosophy of ‘results without the irritation’ to cleansers, antioxidants, lighteners, retinoids, hydroxy acids, peels and more.
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Designed for sensitive skin | Uses pioneering technology | Powerful and effective | First green Cosmeceutical range

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Very, very pleased with the improvement in my skin.  Clinic is extremely professional but very warm and welcoming.  Theresa is wonderfully calm and relaxing.  Highly recommended."