Vegan / Organic


0% Microplastic | 100% Vegan | 100% Probiotic Power | 98% Organic

Here at Andresa, we are proud to introduce our NEW ‘sustainable clean’ Cosmeceutical skincare system ‘CLEANFORMANCE’ by Dr Babor.

CLEANFORMANCE’ contains as much as 98% organic ingredients, is 100% vegan, and is free of animal-based ingredients, gluten, lactose, silicone, parabens, mineral oils, microplastics, and synthetic fragrances. In addition, this amazing skincare system is packed with 100% pre & probiotics to strengthen the skin barrier and act as a protective shield against environmental stress.

A Healthy Glow

Celebrating the “dewy” look.

Maintaining a strong healthy, balanced skin day to day is of paramount importance for long term skin health. So many of us long for a youthful ‘dewy’ complexion which can only be attained by maintaining an intact skin barrier and a well-balanced skin microbiome. Thanks to ‘CLEANFORMANCE’ pre and probiotic complex, plus the powerful antioxidant from red maple bark extract and CBD (cannabidiol), this skin formula soothes especially exhausted or irritated skin whilst at the same time delivering strongly regenerative properties for a healthy skin barrier, improved elasticity and resilience.