We have a large number of very satisfied clients who are happy to provide quotes about their experiences with us.

Please note my gratitude – changing my routine to include the Gentle Cleanser and B3 Youth Serum has drastically improved my skin over the last few weeks, so thank you for that recommendation and for helping me when I came in. As always, the service and expertise at Andresa is second to none.

C.H. – Sept. 2022

Thank you again for a really enjoyable visit on Tuesday; for the warm welcome, as always, of Sue, Theresa and Zoe; the wonderful facial given by Zoe and the generous present too. There was sunshine and blue skies for the drive home so all in all, a lovely day! Thank you.

M.M. – Nov 21

Theresa and her team have been absolutely fantastic from the beginning, I can’t fault the service – I only wish I had heard about Andresa sooner.
At the age of 20 my acne aggressively flared up, the university lifestyle after all isn’t the healthiest. I wanted to avoid using Roaccutane (the doctors only suggestion) due to the severe side effects until a friend introduced me to Andresa Aesthetics. The condition of my skin at that time really affected my confidence and made me unusually recluse. I’m now 21 and very happy to say only a year later of following Theresa’s personalised home skin routine, and with a few treatments along the way my skin is now completely clear with little to no scarring – which continues to quickly fade away (despite ignoring some of the dietary and lifestyle recommendations). Had I continued with over-the-counter supermarket products, I strongly believe I would still have severe acne scarring and awful skin. This has brought back my confidence and given a much-needed boost after endless lockdowns. The staff are all incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions, even whilst treatments were closed due to the pandemic! I can’t thank Theresa and her colleagues enough for their outstanding work.

Bertie – July 2021

I’ve struggled with my skin on and off since I was around 16 when I first came to visit Theresa at Andresa. Now 24, I had just come off the pill and my skin took a turn. Combined with using products that weren’t right for me, it had never been so painful and irritated, and I had acne covering most of my face. I am so thankful that I reached out to Andresa at the lowest point when my skin started to affect my confidence – Theresa immediately put me on a new skincare routine and offered support, guidance and a clear treatment plan. Over the next few months, I had a series of Dermaquest peels and Clear Skin laser treatments that worked on transforming my skin from the inside out. Thanks to Theresa’s expertise and investment in my skincare journey, my skin is now looking the best it has in years. As someone who hasn’t had consistently clear skin since being a teenager, I couldn’t be more grateful for Theresa’s ongoing support and could not recommend Andresa enough!

Orla – July 2021

I wanted to thank you for removing my skin tags. I can’t tell you what that did for me in terms of confidence, so much so I’ve actually really got into looking after my skin now too.

AH. Jan 2021

Beauty Clinics and the like are not my natural habitat, so when I come to Andresa and feel perfectly at home and comfortable ‘in my own skin’ that in itself is a tribute to Theresa and the team and the wonderful surroundings they have created.

S. F. – 2020

I just wanted to say it was so good to see the team again when I came into the clinic on Tuesday. I am so full of admiration for how you have kept going and how you have implemented all your covid-measures so discreetly and kept your lovely calm, elegant and professional atmosphere.
I do appreciate it, thank you.


It is so good to be back at Andresa. I loved my Enzyme skin revision facial – my skin has really missed these treatments. I would not go anywhere else for my skin treatments. Always excellent!


Thank you for seeing me at such short notice and for your reassurance. I was feeling very anxious about my skin so being able to see someone quickly was such a relief. Sue, the receptionist, was so helpful and came back to me very quickly to confirm one of the therapists would see me after the clinic had finished that day. Cannot thank these guys enough.

Sam B.

Leticia’s sincerity and complete understanding about how acne has affected my life has helped me just as much as the treatments have too. I highly recommend this clinic and the Clearskin laser treatments I had for my acne.

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