About Andresa

A Specialist Skin Health Clinic for Women, Men and Teenagers

A Warm Welcome

Andresa is an exclusive, stylish skin health clinic which is warm and welcoming. We pride ourselves on delivering a professional, friendly service in an environment where you will be made to feel very welcome.

A Unique Rural Location

Our clinic is discreetly located away from the high street, in the beautiful, rural setting of the Wasing Estate near Woolhampton, surrounded by scenic countryside. You can come and talk to us in our relaxed, private consultation suite about your skin health concerns in complete confidence.

Andresa Skin Health Clinic offers non-surgical therapies for women, men and teenagers in the beautiful and discreet country setting of the Wasing Estate, Aldermaston. Our individually tailored skin treatment programmes deliver outstanding and long-lasting results.

Appearances are more than skin deep. How we look is intrinsically linked to how we feel on the inside and profoundly impacts our lives. When Andresa was founded in 2010 it was with the specific mission to improve not just people’s skin, but their confidence in themselves. Ten years later we have helped hundreds and hundreds of men, women and teenagers change their lives. We have developed a loyal following built on strong bonds of trust with our clients.

Andresa is unique in pioneering medical grade treatments within a therapeutic setting, using the very latest science and technology to correct and rebalance your skin, restoring it to a healthier condition and producing a more radiant appearance. We achieve this through a holistic programme of nutrition, bespoke advanced treatments and aftercare sympathetic to the needs of each client and according to their budget. Nothing at Andresa is off the peg or one size fits all.

Your skin treatment programme will be designed specifically for you and our commitment extends to post-treatment care and advice on lifestyle and nutritional factors that are affecting your skin. We have a rolling programme of innovation, continually investing in the very latest technology and therapeutic science to give our clients not just optimum skin health, but the confidence to last a lifetime.

We pride ourselves on being a warm, friendly clinic in a relaxing environment and we invite you to call in to make an appointment so that you can see this for yourself. Consultations are fundamental to all the treatments that we offer because no two people have the same skin or require the same treatment.

Theresa Fleetwood

what clients say

My visits to Andresa (Aesthetics) have always been a positive experience. Theresa and her team are dedicated professionals who are genuinely interested in helping you resolve any skin related issues that you or your teenagers may have. So for those of you who look in the mirror and see the inevitable passage of time staring back at you or if you want to simply take some positive action to preserve and make the best of what you already have, there is much to be gained from giving this clinic a call.