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EMsculpt and EMtone: the ultimate NEO combination treatment now at Andresa!
10 February 2023

EMsculpt and EMtone: the ultimate NEO combination

This non-invasive combination treatment causes a dual effect deep in the tissues – designed to eliminate fat cells and build muscle. By using a unique combination of radio frequency heat & HIFEM+ energies to create a NEO treatment experience to give you the best from both treatments in one treatment session.

Save the Date – Thursday 3rd November 2022!
08 October 2022

Andresa Aesthetics Pre-Christmas Event – Save up to 40% on the day!

This year Andresa’s Pre-Christmas Event Day is scheduled to take place on Thursday 3rd November. The event is open to anyone wishing to try out one of Andresa’s advanced skin and body treatments at 40% off. Champagne and refreshments will be served throughout the day, plus one-to-one FREE Inika (organic /vegan) make-up demonstrations will be available to those wishing to try!

Trained Eyes saves Lives
07 October 2022

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection (MASCED) now available at Andresa Aesthetics

Congratulations to Andresa’s team of Aesthetic practitioners who all recently passed their MASCED certification. The team are all proud to be powerful advocates of the fight against cancer and to be offering this potentially a life saving service to all Andresa clients.

EMSELLA in the press
08 August 2022

Poor pelvic floor strength and urinary incontinence are as common as they’re embarrassing. It is a condition which can affect us at any age or stage of life. It is a myth that only women who have given birth suffer from this, though certainly it helps! Chronic constipation can also take its toll. Most of us just put up with it and resign ourselves to a life of Tena Ladies and being careful when we laugh/cough/sneeze/run/jump/just about anything.

Pelvic floor dysfunction is when we’re unable to correctly relax and coordinate the muscles in our pelvic floors to pee or to have a bowel movement and can also be the source of pain during sex. Although we use humour to mask our embarrassment, it really is no joke. It can severely affect the quality of our lives and limit the activities we undertake. It won’t kill us, but it is certainly lifestyle-limiting.

Covid 19 Safety Measures
09 February 2022

Although we have always prided ourselves on our exceptional hygiene standards, we would like to tell you about the additional measures we are taking to ensure safety for all:

We would like to make the following requests of you: