Unwanted Face & Body Hair

At Andresa, we offer several treatments for hair removal which provide longer-lasting results than the more traditional shaving, waxing, threading and plucking. The most appropriate hair removal treatment will be based on the thickness and colour of hair and the area of hair growth. We have a choice of treatments to select from, including the Soprano Titanium Laser for permanent hair reduction, depending on hair type. We also offer electrolysis for permanent removal of individual hairs, and an alkaline wash treatment for fine downy hair.

Andresa recommends:

To suit your individual needs, the appropriate method of hair removal will be determined by one of our expert practitioners during a face-to-face consultation. On occasion, clients may benefit from a combination hair removal program which may include any of the following hair removal treatment options:

Laser Hair Removal – Using state of the art laser technology the Soprano Titanium Ice pain-free laser hair removal treatment permanently reduces / removes unwanted hair from anywhere on the face and body in just minutes. The treatment works by delivering three combined wavelengths of light energy which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the hair follicles that produce hair resulting in permanent hair removal / reduction.

Alkaline Wash – The Alkaline Wash system is a treatment designed to reduce fine, downy hair on the face, neck, arms and thighs. Alkaline Wash is an Alkaline powder which is mixed into a paste and applied to the skin for approximately 3-6 minutes. The treatment works by taking the hair to a high Alkaline level to dissolve the hair and part of the underlying follicle to reduce and slow down hair regrowth. This treatment is totally pain free and leaves the skin smooth and rejuvenated.

Electrolysis – Electrolysis is a hair removal method suitable for the permanent removal of unwanted hair anywhere on the face and body. A low level diathermy current is delivered via a small hair like probe inserted into each active hair follicle. The current destroys cells within the follicle to reduce / stop hair growth. At Andresa we favour electrolysis hair removal for effective removal of blonde, grey and white hair, also effective on hair with red pigment.