Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Treatments you can trust

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) using electrolysis are becoming increasingly popular as knowledge about these treatments becomes more widespread. A wide diversity of skin blemishes can be quickly and easily removed, producing a blemish-free, smooth skin.

ACP treatments involve the use of short-wave diathermy to restrict the blood supply to the lesion, weakening and eventually destroying it. This method is commonly used to treat thread veins, spider veins and skin blemishes.

Treatable skin blemishes:

  • telangiectasia / facial thread veins / broken capillaries
  • Campbell de Morgans / blood spots
  • spider naevi
  • minor telangiectasia on the legs
  • poikiloderma
  • skin tags
  • milia
  • all types of warts including common, seborrhoeic and plantar (verruca)
  • hairs from moles,and moles themselves
  • age spots
  • dermatosis papulosa nigra
  • small sebaceous cysts
  • sebaceous hyperplasia
  • sebaceous naevi
  • xanthomas
  • syringoma
  • molluscum contagiosum