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Give outstanding, long-lasting results

We pride ourselves in providing advanced skincare products from top cosmeceutical brands, which deliver outstanding results to give long-lasting improvement to skin health and function. Andresa’s products use powerful, active, high-performance formulas to correct and balance skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and skin sensitivity, as well as improving the visible signs associated with ageing skin.

All of our product ranges have been clinically tested and are trusted by licensed skin specialists, surgeons and dermatologists all around the world.  The products stocked by Andresa are scientifically proven to be more effective than cosmetic high street brands, due to the inclusion of the latest ground-breaking technology and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

During our one-to-one consultations, we use cutting-edge digital skin analysis equipment to reveal the subsurface condition of the skin, which helps us to prescribe the most effective treatment and products for your individual skin health needs.

Internet purchasing warning

Andresa prides itself on high standards and offers personally prescribed skin health treatment plans..

There are some internet traders who are now selling some of the products that we sell. They are not, in most cases, authorized or trained to do so, and in many cases the source of the supply is unknown.  Using such a product, which may not be appropriate for your skin, and may be short-dated or even counterfeit, can result in an adverse skin reaction.

We therefore always recommend that you purchase the products that we prescribe from our clinic or another skin health clinic like ours, so that you can get the advice and support you need. Remember – if something seems too good to be true, then it usually is.