We have a large number of very satisfied clients who are happy to provide quotes about their experiences with us.

Excellent results, can’t believe it!”


I’ve had Guinot Facials before and have enjoyed them but the Practitioner left me alone and didn’t give any reassurance. I feel that with Barbara she will talk me through every step of the journey; that she will hold my hand and be there through my treatment plan. I feel that I have made a new ‘best friend’.”


Professional, friendly, fabulous treatments and products. Highly recommended.”


Theresa is always extremely helpful with a wide range of knowledge, leaving you confident about your treatments.”


A little haven.”


Theresa and all the receptionists are so professional and friendly. A superb place on my doorstep! Perfect!”


The consultation process if very informative, helpful and non-pressurizing when making decisions. I particularly like the calm and supportive environment that Andresa Aesthetics has set up and everyone is always so friendly.”


I didn’t feel pressurised into buying anything and I appreciated how much time Theresa took during my treatment. I felt very relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the pamper of my 40 minute facial. I also felt genuinely cared for as a client and the service was very professional.”

Georgina S

The ambience was calm and soothing; the décor was excellent, good colour choices. I felt assured that you were confident in your knowledge and techniques.”

Hannah W

Excellent service!”