Sue Griffith-Brown

Reception Manager

Sue has been the warm, welcoming presence at Andresa from its very beginnings and for more than ten years has looked after clients and managed the day to day running of reception. ‘I remember my first day at Andresa – Theresa and I came to work in our wellington boots as the courtyard was still being completed’! Sue has grown with the business, describing it as a journey. ‘It has been my privilege to watch the clinic grow in line with Theresa’s vision. Clients who first came to us with difficult skin conditions that were destroying their self-confidence are seeing their skin health turned around. There have been lots of “wow!” moments along the way.’

‘I love my job because we really care about what we do here. We make a difference. Theresa is passionate about customer service so the commitment to our clients is second to none. It has been exciting not only to watch the business grow, but to see people have their lives transformed.’