Suzanne White

Senior Aesthetic Practitioner

Suzanne’s arrival at Andresa coincided with a move to Hampshire, so it’s a whole new chapter in her life. She began her career with Clarins before moving into surgical aesthetics and now brings fifteen years’ experience in the field to her role at Andresa. Having spent recent years both practicing and training others in the use of laser treatments, Suzanne is excited to work in a more therapeutic environment.

Whilst working with dermatologists and surgeons has been a great education, Suzanne feels that sometimes the more caring elements can be lost in a surgical setting. ‘I’m passionate about customer care, so coming into Andresa’s beautiful, therapeutic setting is very exciting. We have some incredible technology at our disposal but the pampering element and really connecting to the clients is so important to me. Andresa is the perfect combination of scientific innovation and customer-focused care to deliver natural-looking results.’