Theresa Fleetwood

Founder / Director

Appearances are more than skin deep. How we look is intrinsically linked to how we feel on the inside and profoundly impacts our lives. My career has been dedicated to improving the lives of teenagers, women and men by caring for their skin, so when I created Andresa over thirteen years ago I was able to realise my dream of bringing together a team who shared my vision for skin health for all, for life. We achieve this through a holistic programme of nutrition, bespoke advanced treatments and aftercare sympathetic to the needs of each client and according to their budget. Andresa is unique in pioneering medical grade treatments within a therapeutic setting. We have a rolling programme of innovation, continually investing in the very latest technology and therapeutic science to give our clients not just optimum skin health, but the confidence to last a lifetime.

More recently, I evolved our treatment services to offer help to women suffering with intimate health concerns and for those adults who desire to improve body shape and strength. Among the conditions we treat are muscular pain and/or weakness in the lower back including ladies with diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation) post-pregnancy. For a full list, see our Treatments section.

I passionately believe that true beauty comes from making the very best of what nature gave us without recourse to injections, surgery or other invasive procedures. We set the bar very high at Andresa and I am proud of the work we do. As a highly-experienced practitioner I insist on blue-chip standards of practice, sharing my skills and 26 years of experience with my team. I am driven by a desire to help anyone who feels let down by the skin or body they’re in and to return both to a natural, healthy balance.