Are Bathroom Visits Ruining Your Sleep?

There is a misconception that our pelvic floor is fine if we don’t suffer from urinary leakage. However, a sign that your pelvic floor is becoming weaker is when you need to visit the bathroom at night most nights. Another sign is that flow is weak at night, which can become frustrating when you’re waiting to collapse back in to bed as soon as possible.

Frequently Disturbed Sleep Has Far-Reaching Health Consequences

Unfortunately, our pelvic floor is destined to deteriorate with age unless we do something about it, so it is a good idea to investigate this symptom even before it progresses to leakage. Frequently disturbed sleep does more than make us tired and grumpy: it feeds into the stress pathway, slowly making our bodies more inflamed and more prone to chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s, as well as affecting our concentration, overall mood and ability to perform.

A Free-of-Charge, Free-of-Obligation Consultation in a Discreet Clinic

Many of the women that we’ve already treated with the Emsella physiotherapy chair report a reduction (or elimination) in nightly bathroom trips and a stronger flow. In fact, many of the women thought this was just an “age problem”, not knowing that it could be drastically improved.

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We are discreetly located in the countryside with private parking hidden from view. Our consultations are also obligation-free, but if a course of treatment is recommended, you might like to know that we are currently offering £50 off the first treatment.