EMsculpt and EMtone: the ultimate NEO combination treatment now at Andresa!

EMsculpt and EMtone: the ultimate NEO combination

This non-invasive combination treatment causes a dual effect deep in the tissues – designed to eliminate fat cells and build muscle. By using a unique combination of radio frequency heat & HIFEM+ energies to create a NEO treatment experience to give you the best from both treatments in one treatment session.

Both the BTL EMtone and EMsculpt treatments work to deliver profound and unique results as can be achieved during a NEO treatment to tone, reduce fat and shape. Together, these technologies used in EMsculpt NEO prove effective and deliver excellent results.

EMsculpt and EMsculpt NEO employ electromagnetic waves that have been shown to induce muscular hypertrophy. The electromagnetic pulses applied, alternate between long, strong, rapid and rhythmic contractions from different directions with built-in rest phases. EMsculpt and EMsculpt NEO are designed to provide supramaximal contractions throughout the treatment.

Like the NEO treatment, EMtone employs radio frequency heating which can dramatically reduce the size of fat cells, stimulate circulation, and prevent fluid accumulation to help smooth out cellulite. EMtone works on both hard and soft cellulite, to reduce the presence of fat and to tighten
the overlying skin to deliver the results achieved from a NEO treatment.

Watch the video of the combination treatment in action.