EMSELLA in the press

Poor pelvic floor strength and urinary incontinence are as common as they’re embarrassing. It is a condition which can affect us at any age or stage of life. It is a myth that only women who have given birth suffer from this, though certainly it helps! Chronic constipation can also take its toll. Most of us just put up with it and resign ourselves to a life of Tena Ladies and being careful when we laugh/cough/sneeze/run/jump/just about anything.

Pelvic floor dysfunction is when we’re unable to correctly relax and coordinate the muscles in our pelvic floors to pee or to have a bowel movement and can also be the source of pain during sex. Although we use humour to mask our embarrassment, it really is no joke. It can severely affect the quality of our lives and limit the activities we undertake. It won’t kill us, but it is certainly lifestyle-limiting.

Kegel (pelvic floor) exercises are recommended to maintain strength and condition in the pelvic area but by the time trouble strikes, it’s usually too late to reverse the damage with Kegel exercises alone. Until now we’ve had little choice but to suffer it and so common is the condition, that a multi-billion-pound industry has been built around it (see Tena Lady -above- and others).

But thanks to the gods of science and technology, a genuine solution has been found. Dubbed the ‘vagina gym’ and the ‘Kegel throne’ by Muddy Stilettoes, our life changing EMSELLA treatment takes twenty years off your pelvic floor in a short course of treatment. See their hilarious review for more information.

A comfortable medical grade treatment you can do while fully clothed, EMSELLA stimulates the vaginal cavity and pelvic floor with an HIFEM – High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Energy to improve tone and strength, resulting in fewer accidents and even an improved love life. It is the dignified, pain-free way to rid yourself of this debilitating condition.
Easy, discreet, non-invasive and effective, EMSELLA delivers the equivalent of 11000 kegels per treatment and for the month of August we are giving a away a free treatment with every course of 6 EMSELLA treatments.

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