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I was horrified to read last month of the devastating impact that the surgical mesh implant has had on many women’s lives, sometimes leaving them unable to walk, unable to work and in extreme pain as organs and nerves were damaged during the surgery. Others thought their surgery was a success until the mesh began to disintegrate and migrate within their body with terrible consequences. Since we reported the scandal to you last month, I’ve been reading some of the harrowing reports from women at Sling The Mesh, the campaign group to raise awareness of the risks of such surgery, and I’ve found it truly upsetting.

Consequently, avoidance of this surgery by non-surgical pelvic floor rehabilitation now lies so close to my heart that I would like to offer my time to you by opening extra clinic hours (or days, according to uptake) to those wishing to understand more about the implications and restrictions that a weak pelvic floor can have on our lives as we grow older.

DURING MAY, I will be available for complimentary one-to-one discreet discussions (no booking fee required) for anyone wishing to find out more about regaining pelvic floor control using the Emsella, and you will be given the opportunity to try the treatment for yourself. Please contact the clinic on 01635 800183 to book some time with me.

The Superior Treatment for Open Pores

On to a lighter note now… We’re often asked for our opinion on the best treatment for eradicating open pores. Well, we can now confidently say that the Fibroblast Skin Boost is it!

Following our recent launch of this treatment, the results now coming in are showing that it delivers superior results: the best we’ve ever seen, for sure, AND within a few days, too. Leticia is so taken with the results of this treatment that she has officially become our in-house expert.

Book your first Fibroblast Skin Boost treatment with Leticia in May and receive complimentary Dr Babor skincare worth £100.*

>Summer Skin Preparations

Has the recent sunshine shifted your mindset to summer mode? It’s time to start thinking about preparing your skin!

Start your summer skin preparation treatments with Rebecca in May and receive a complimentary skincare travel pack worth £50. Simply quote promotion code SUMMER SKIN PREP** when you book.*

Here are just a few of our pre-holiday favourites you and your skin will love:

Alkaline wash: to reduce bothersome or embarrassing facial hair.

Gentle skin-brightening or hydrating treatments: to produce instant visible results, making it particularly good for special events. Try one just ahead of a big day and see how radiant your skin can look!

Laser hair removal: start your hair removal treatments now and relieve yourself from tedious shaving or waxing during the summer weeks.

Intense pulsed light (IPL): to remove unsightly facial pigmentation and thread veins, revealing fresher, clearer skin suitable for a make-up-free summer.

Call 01635 800183 to book an appointment.