Improve your skin

Most of us think the key to great skin is great products. And high-quality products do help, make no mistake. But often we’re not getting the most out of our hard-earned products because we’re falling down on the most basic step of all – cleansing. It amazes me how many ‘new to Andresa’ clients are often skipping this vital step at night then wonder why their skin isn’t glowing or their acne not clearing up.

Whether your concerns are ageing, acne or sensitive skin, its health and appearance can be transformed with a thorough night-time cleanse using a hot flannel. A simple cleanse with the appropriate cleanser and a hot, moist cloth helps to remove dirt, bacteria, stagnant products and dead cell build up. The hot cloth is mildly exfoliating too so not only do you end up feeling lovely and clean, but your night-time products get the chance to work optimally, really penetrating the into the lower layers of the skin, helping to regenerate and repair the complexion overnight. Personally, I love the ritual of cleansing my skin with a hot flannel before bed. It rounds my day off perfectly and the heat from the cloth relaxes and sends a signal to my mind and body that it’s time to sleep. It’s a habit like any other and one you can easily build into your routine. The payoff is huge. I would no more miss my night-time cleanse than I would skip brushing my teeth.

But it is not just our skincare routines which give us that longed-for glow. Lifestyle plays a major role too and another two-minute skincare hack for long-lasting improvements is to simply change the way you stand or sit for two minutes every day. Many of your will be familiar with the warrior pose from yoga, but you can also simply just sit at your desk in a stretched-out, laid-back confident manner. These two simple techniques rapidly lower the stress hormone, cortisol and raise testosterone – with significant anti-ageing benefits. At Andresa we spend a lot of time researching skin health and we love discovering these gems that we can pass on to our clients. Lower your stress hormones and slow down the skin’s ageing process simultaneously in just two minutes every day!

Try it, it’s miraculous – and free!