New Body Treatments

We breathed a huge sigh of relief when we were able to open our doors again on April 12th and welcome you back to Andresa. In the weeks since then the phones have not stopped ringing! It has been fabulous to welcome back clients who have been missing out on their regular appointments during the long months of lockdown. We’ve loved catching up with you all again. We’ve also been welcoming some new faces; in fact we’ve never been busier and part of the reason is the buzz around our new body treatments. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. We’ve re-opened our doors at just that time of year when the summer clothes come down from the loft and we’re looking (often with dismay) at the bodies which have been neglected and hidden under layers all winter.

You Spoke, We Listened
After ten years of really listening to our clients, we knew that there was demand for body treatments which delivered the same level of excellence we bring to skin health by harnessing the latest developments in non-invasive skin care. By staying current with the latest science Andresa leads the way in making the most of the skin we’re in – no needles, surgery or fake anything.

We wanted to bring that same philosophy to a suite of body treatments. Our reputation is built on the trust our clients have in us so we took our time to do the research and find the best and latest body treatments available. We have developed a loyal following because we keep it real and never promise what we can’t deliver. Our clients aren’t after gym-honed perfection or painful surgical procedures – they simply want to make the very best of what nature gave them.

Our new treatments do exactly that. By targeting cellulite and stubborn areas of fat as well as strengthening muscle and tone we are confident that we can make you look – and feel – fabulous for Spring.

We Know What Bothers You
We know that cellulite is a major area of concern for our clients. Many have tried a range of treatments which promise the earth but deliver very little. You might be one of those who have concluded that cellulite is just something you’d have to live with, but you’d be wrong. EMtone is a first-of-its-kind treatment which targets all five causes of cellulite to smooth and tighten skin.

All our bodies have stubborn areas of fat which even the most strenuous exercise cannot shift – we know! Whether it’s your buttocks, thighs, waistlines or the notoriously hard to tone upper arms, Exilis Ultra 360 is a non-invasive body contouring treatment and anti-ageing solution for anyone looking to improve skin laxity and to remove excessive fat from problematic areas.