Create a home spa

Plan ahead – Select the best time in your week / day for you grab that all important ‘me time’ to ensure you can relax and enjoy your ‘at home’ facial experience.
Create a retreat – choose where you would like your treatment to take place, a quiet, warm bedroom with a comfortable bed and fluffy blankets or a relaxing warm bath with essential oils can be ideal.
Clear the clutter and reduce outside noise – make sure the space you choose is clear from clutter and mess, this will give a sense of calm in the room. Close windows and doors to reduce outside noise and unwanted distractions.
Lighting – choose your lighting to create atmosphere. Close curtains and blinds, light scented candles and dim lights to create a wonderful warm ambiance.
Keep warm – ensure the room is warm and feels cosy, if opting to lie on your bed have lots of fluffy blankets close by to cocoon yourself.
Stimulate your senses – Burn essential oils or naturally scented candles to enhance your mood and mind.
Prepare to relax – Focus your mind on the moment and push away distracting thoughts. Close your eyes and imagine each breath you take travelling around your body reaching every limb, muscle and cell. Listen to your breathing, breath in deep thorough the nose, feel your lungs expand before gently releasing through an open mouth. Do this several times before and throughout your treatment.