Winter Skin Rescue

Cleanse and Cleanse again. I love the whole ritual of skin cleansing especially in the evening before going to bed (the most important cleanse of the day for long term skin health). Throw away the cotton wool and tissues! To keep your skin glowing and congestion free always cleanse twice and remove your cleanser thoroughly using a moist hot towel – absolute luxury! For sensitive skin types try using a water-soluble milk cleanser like Dr Babor Neuro-sensitive calming cleanser, great for calming redness, sensitive and reactive skin. Alternatively, you might like to try the Dr Babor Detox Lipo Cleanse, it has a deep warming effect on the skin and is effective in removing pollutants and impurities. The mild thermal effect of this cleanser is perfect for enhancing the skin’s circulation. Use it AM and PM – Gorgeous!!

Hydrate, Hydrate. Most people dismiss the need for an effective hydrating serum, again it’s something I refuse to compromise on. Skin cells need support and hydration as they can quickly become dehydrated and damaged in turn compromising the skin, breaking down its protective barrier (pH)which can lead to sensitivity, slow healing and dehydrated skin. Before applying your daily moisturiser apply a few drops of intensive hydration to your skin, not only will the serum hydrate your skin at cellular level, it will also enhance the efficacy of the ingredients within the moisturiser. For intense repair and hydration, I recommend one of the NEW Anti-oxidant rich Dr Babor Pro concentrates; Ceramide concentrate strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and protects against moisture loss and external skin aggressors. Boswella Concentrate regulates and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier function for skin that feels calm and balanced. PEP Peptide concentrate to plump lines and repair collagen. You will be amazed at the difference a cosmeceutical serum will make to your skin, call 01635 800183 to find out which serum is best for your skin type.

It’s all about the eyes! Wearing face masks has become part of our everyday life, never before has there been so much emphasis on our eyes. To ensure the delicate skin around your eyes looks fresh, toned and youthful choose your eyecare wisely! This season I have opted for the Dr Babor Dual Eye Solution. It offers a lightweight serum to smooth and firm the eye area, reduces dark under-eye circles to ensure the eyes look bright and fresh during the day – perfect as a base to apply make-up too. In the evening apply the richer serum to increase microcirculation to reduce eye bags and puffiness whilst detoxing the delicate skin around the eye as you sleep. This amazing dual ended product is also extremely economical lasting for several months. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Fact! Did you know that most skin sensitivity is self-inflicted, brought about by the use of low-grade moisturising formulas and poor-quality sunscreens which eventually breakdown the skin’s natural protective barrier? Make sure you have the correct moisturiser for your skin type – Not sure where to start? Call today for one to one advice on 01635 800183, I will be very happy to help.

This winter I have opted for Dr Babor Pro EGF Collagen Cream – I introduced this new formula into my skincare routine back in September when we first launched the Pro range and I love it!! Lightweight and easy to wear day and night, it strengthens skin tissue, improves elasticity and delivers a smoother, firmer skin. This new moisturiser is fast becoming a firm favourite with our ladies.

To protect or not to protect? Using a sunscreen *All year round* should be an integral part of your anti-ageing routine. Heliocare provides high-level broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, as well as super anti-oxidant known as fernblock to mop up the free radicals in the skin which are responsible for breaking down collagen activity. Fernblock also repairs and protects the skin cell DNA helping to prevent sun spots and keeping skin clear and fresh. Don’t want to apply two products? Then drop your moisturiser and just opt for one of the Heliocare broad spectrum formulas over the top of your anti-oxidant serum – simple!