EMSELLA: A Medical Grade Incontinence Treatment Regime

A Breakthrough Therapy

Urinary incontinence is a progressive medical condition necessitating medical-grade treatment

At Andresa, we take a fully medical approach to treat you in the manner you would expect when undergoing a medical rehabilitation program. Our experienced practitioners see you first for an in-depth consultation to assess you and your current condition, and your progress is carefully monitored throughout, adjusting your treatment plan if necessary, and advising on the most suitable maintenance plan for you when you have regained control of your pelvic floor. You are properly cared for and treated with dignity throughout the program.

The EMSELLA Chair Technology

Only the EMSELLA uses High Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic (HIFEM) energy, which enables stimulation of the entire pelvic floor 11,000 times in one 28-minute session. Other devices and voluntary contractions can only reach a third of the pelvic floor musculature and nowhere near this number of repetitions. This is why it has a much higher success rate than use-at-home gimmicks: the EMSELLA’s success rate is over 95%. It’s also why it’s endorsed by gynaecologists worldwide and is the type of therapy recommended by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as the preferred alternative to surgery.

If you suffer from any degree of urinary incontinence, it is highly probable your condition will deteriorate over time, and highly probable that at some point, it will impact your quality of life. Why not engage with one of our specialists now to discuss the right treatment plan for you? A course of six sessions over three weeks with one maintenance session every six months is often all it takes to regain urinary control permanently.

The EMSELLA is non-invasive and you remain fully clothed throughout treatment. To read more about it, click here. Alternatively, call 01635 800183 if you have further queries or wish to book a free-of-charge consultation.